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About tradeFex


We are a global group of specialists in innovation, business, interchanges, security and civil society. The web empowers us to digitize information and exchange it all around, yet it didn't have a response for digitize and securely trade assets. Spread opportunity through transparent voting, independent venture proprietorship, land possession, and worldwide distributed support. tradeFex utilizes the development of the Blockchain to empower associations to viably digitize their focal points and safely execute them over the web – making the world progressively secure, not so much complex but rather more profitable.

We Value Investment





Our main goal is to break the Financial Barriers in the life of each Business Associate. We endeavour to evacuate joblessness, inflation by giving substitute earning/investment opportunities. Our main agenda is to offer unique business opportunity with zero risk and minimum investment.



We offer an unmistakable Vision for our business which is supported by strong core beliefs of Dependability and Customer Service. This is exhibited by our working practices which indicate we are dynamic, unique and customer focussed.

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Our Services

Why Choose tradeFex

TRADEFEX is committed towards helping its members to reach their goals, from personalising their event experiences to providing an innovative environment, we are all dedicated towards making a difference.

Safe & Secure

UP-TO-DATE Linux systems to host the platform with Automatic backup of the database & Protection from DDoS attacks.

Margin Trading

We support 1:2 and 1:3 leverages, automatic funds borrowing, no extra accounts needed, negative balance protection.

Payment Options

Making payments easy anytime, anywhere with any of the reputed crypto currencies.


Experts Support

Broad coverage includes many digital currencies from global trading venues, markets and exchanges around the world.

Competitive Fees

Our commission scheme is competitive because we believe in rewarding the best performers financially & non-financially.

Investment Tracking

Real time investment tracking helps in viewing and downloading reports for real-time balance, transaction history with bearable fees.


Latest News

Keep your self updated with the latest updates on crypto currency industry news.
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